Your typical millennial women. Coffee enthusiasts, animal obsessed, owners of too many shoes.

Our Story

Have you ever met someone who gets you like no one else? It might be your spouse, it might be your parent, or for some of us it's your business partner and best friend. Ten years of friendship generally guarantees a level of understanding and rapport that reaches new heights. That type of synergy is always conducive for creativity and growth. So, with a little water and care, a beautiful partnership was born. Having come from strong photography foundations, their progression into professional photography was only natural. Although opposites - Jenna being the pragmatic, Birkenstock-sporting, older soul, Ashley being the fiery, free-spirit, lacking the appropriate shoes for the occasion - they are similar in all the right ways. 

Why Circus Runaway? We get this question a lot. 

At one point or another, most children have dreamed of running away to join the circus. Rarely, does the reversal happen. Jenna grew up in a youth circus in Southern California, surrounded by clowns, artists, and thrill-seekers. In search of a sense of purpose, she made the choice to leave the “big top” for the wider world. She soon learned that her passions were right under her nose all along. 

While away, she fell in love with anthropology, film, photography, and the voyeuristic nature of each. 

Ashley on the other hand didn't runaway to join the circus, but instead ran away to join the corporate world of advertising. She too realized her passions, talent, and heart were behind a lens.

So there they were - two runaways with no where to go.


Combining their skills in movement photography and cinematography, the Circus Runaway team additionally formed to breathe life into their work. The team specializes in portrait, wedding, and movement photography, as well as social media content creation and cinematography.

Let's capture your life in motion. 


Featured in ACE Magazine

Official photographer of the American Youth Circus Organization

Let's make something beautiful together.