Babely Friends

I'm very fortunate to have ridiculously good looking friends. I'm also very fortunate to have friends who are always interested in photo adventures. But the greatest of all- I'm so very fortunate to have friends who get me and understand me and see the darkest parts of me and still love me. I've been really anxious over the last year or so. I suppose I've been an anxious person since I could remember, but lately, its been a visceral part of my identity. I've been in a creative rut for quite some time and I'm never really sure what my "style" is, or where I should be going with my work. And all of those mental stories are compounded by the fact that I have been insanely busy and stressed out both at "real" work and in my photography work. This season has been a heavy one, one ripe with stress and panic, but also filled with a plethora of insight as to who I am as a person. I'm growing. Everyday. But I couldn't move through the cycles without my friends and family. They are who remind me, "I can do this. I am enough."

So in the spirit of being "okay" and feeling empowered in sharing that I am okay with not being okay, I wanted to share a few images from the last few months of some of my favorite discoveries with some of my favorite people. 

If you are out there and you're reading this- don't be afraid to chase your dreams. I'm scared as all hell of following this dream of mine, but I've never felt so alive. I urge you to find what makes you dance the happy dance, and follow that.